the plant of immortality: ALOE VERA

the plant of immortality: ALOE VERA

I absolutely love aloe vera, so I was very excited when my Mom surprised me with an adorable, little baby, aloe vera plant! It’s also entirely appropriate that she bought it for me, since she’s the one who first taught me about all the amazing benefits, and variety of uses for aloe. Thanks Mom!



It was Father’s day this past weekend, so B and I met my parents at their campsite on the beach. The heatwave in CA made for an epic beach weekend, and some even more epic photos. I mean, look at that view!! Ridiculous.

Mix that view with some quality family time, incredible food – and very competitive games of corn hole – and we had the recipe for a perfect, mini-getaway.

But anyway! Back to the purpose for this post: the incredible, amazing, astounding, aloe vera plant!



* Aloe vera is also called: lily of the desert, aloe, and aloe barbadensis.

* The use of aloe can be traced back to early Egypt – 6,000 yrs ago – where it was referred to as the “plant of immortality”. The plant was depicted on Egyptian stone carvings, and was allegedly given as a burial gift to deceased pharaohs. Pretty cool!

* Aloe is used in many beauty products, but is known most commonly for it’s use in soothing/healing burns.

* The inner gel can be used topically – not only for burns – but also to reduce inflammation, eliminate redness, aide in the healing of cuts, and fade scars! I have hyperpigmentation, so I use aloe to fade dark spots left from acne, and I also use it on actual acne spots to prevent scarring. I ONLY use the inner gel for my skin since that’s where all the nutrients are! Just use a q-tip, to pierce the inner gel, then dab on your trouble areas. For larger scars, or for sun burns, expose the inner gel and rub directly onto your skin. It feels amazing, and the healing properties are much stronger than a commercially produced aloe gel.

* You can buy large aloe leaves at health food stores if you don’t want an aloe plant of your own.  Once cut, you can store the leaf, sealed, in the refrigerator for up to 5 days. If storing in a plastic bag, make a couple holes in the bag first.

* The latex of the aloe has very strong laxative effects. The use of aloe laxatives was banned by the FDA from over-the-counter use in 2002 because companies refused to supply the proper safety data.

* Aloe gel, (not latex!) can be ingested safely. It has been reported that the use of aloe gel may decrease fasting blood sugar levels in the those with type II diabetes. Make sure to consult with your physician before adding aloe to your dietary routine.

* Aloe aides in cleansing the air you breathe by helping to clear substances such as formaldehyde, and benzene from the air – byproducts of chemical cleaners, paints, etc.

* Aloe is awesome.


So now that I’ve filled your brain with information, here are some beach pics!!!

Have an amazing day!

XOXO ~Michelle~


beauty secrets unveiled: ROSEHIP SEED OIL

beauty secrets unveiled: ROSEHIP SEED OIL


It seems like the pressure to have perfect skin is intense these days. Maybe it’s photoshop, facetune, and Instagram—or just social media in general—but it’s definitely there. Always looming.

With the bottomless pit of beauty products out there, it can be overwhelming. From acne products and wrinkle creams, to fillers and botox. Every item promising the flawless skin we all crave.

Rosehip seed oil is so amazing to me, because it’s 100% natural, and it does so much for your skin.


  • Rosehip seed oil is an all natural oil extracted from the seeds of rose bushes mostly grown in Chile.
  • Buying it cold pressed is important. Cold pressing the oil ensures that none of the amazing, healing properties are compromised during the extraction process.
  • It can be used to treat acne, eczema, fine-lines and wrinkles, stretch marks, dry skin, and dark spots from hyper pigmentation.
  • It absorbs very quickly into the skin so it doesn’t leave you feeling greasy at all!
  • Contains b-carotene, a type of A vitamin, also found in carrots. B-carotene offers protection from sun damage, free radicals, inflammation, AND wrinkles. Um..yes, please!
  • Contains vitamin C, an antioxidant that is said to increase collagen production. All natural fillers! Woo Woo!
  • The essential fatty acids help to reduce scarring, and improve skin elasticity and permeability. So whatever product you put on after the rosehip seed oil, will absorb more effectively into your beautiful skin!


This magical oil has become my go-to facial serum for day and night for the past 2 years. I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with adult acne after ditching my birth control pill 4 years ago in an effort to lead a more natural lifestyle. Turns out those synthetic, regulatory hormones were fully regulating my breakouts–which was awesome in high school, when I should’ve been pimply–but not so cute when all those breakouts start happening in your 20’s.

I will admit, that my acne was probably a 3 or 4 on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the worst you’ve seen. And I’m a picker, which doesn’t EVER help the situation. I’m grateful because I know that it could’ve been worse, and I feel for anyone out there suffering from acne of any kind. It sucks serious a**. That’s why I’m writing this post. Maybe going all natural, and organic will help you too!


The b-carotene gives the oil that luscious amber color!

I was determined to find a solution (especially being in the entertainment business where beauty is everything). I tried the acne fighting face washes, I did weekly peels, a couple facials here-and-there, and even harsh dermatologist-prescribed wipes and creams. Things would work, then not work, and then I’d stress out and break out more. After talking to my holistic health inspiration, my Mom, I decided to go au naturel, and I couldn’t be happier.

   This product works miracles, but it’s not going to happen overnight. I had to stick with my new natural skincare routine for a solid 2-3 months before I saw noticeable results. There’s no quick fix, but with a bit of patience you can change your skin!

And maybe all that other stuff works for you, and you’re happy! Awesome! I’m genuinely happy for you! This is just my experience, so I wanted to put it out there.


I buy my Organic Rosehip Seed Oil By Simply Pure from Amazon, and it’s organic and cold pressed. All natural oils are sensitive to changes in sunlight and temperature. Be sure to keep it in the amber vial that it comes in, and store it in a cool, dry place to avoid rancidity.

I use about 7 drops of oil after cleansing my face, every morning and night. I apply my moisturizing oils after letting the rosehip absorb into my skin. I use oils instead of store bought moisturizers because they’re 100% natural, and I’ve seen amazing results since I began this journey almost 3 years ago. I still get hormonal breakouts–but those can’t be avoided–and as long as I don’t pick my face, I’m fine.

Rosehip seed oil is great for all skin types, especially dry or aging skin. I have combination skin, so it has really balanced me out. Learn your skin, and adjust your usage accordingly! If you have allergies, or super sensitive skin, spot test the oil first. Rosehip seed oil is not good for open sore acne, so keep that in mind.

If you’re looking to incorporate this into your beauty routine, but you’re nervous about trying something new, why not just try it out as a night serum! See how your skin feels, and go from there.


What are your favorite natural skincare remedies? Feel free to comment below!

Have an amazing day!

XOXO ~Michelle~