2 products you need: FOR A SIMPLE MAKEUP ROUTINE

2 products you need: FOR A SIMPLE MAKEUP ROUTINE





Ok, ok, it’s true. I’m horrible at blogging consistently! I keep thinking it’s going to happen, and then BOOM!, major life events occur, and it’s impossible for me to find a routine. That’s life though! So, I’m doing this new thing where I don’t beat myself up about it. It’s way better, I gotta say.

I love creating: photography, writing, painting, jewelry making, cooking, grown-up coloring books – you name it, I’ve probably tried it – but I have to have some order in my world for my creative juices to flow. Seriously! So, I focused my energy on setting up, decorating, and cleaning our place – Pinterest, I love you – and we’ve made a LOT of progress! All of the boxes are unpacked, I can cook in my kitchen, B and I bought all of IKEA, (including an amazing setup for our office!), and our kitchen table will be here tomorrow.


Order has been restored! With organization came creativity, and I finally got to play with the super awesome natural light we get in our bedroom! Yay!

Today’s lighting was a perfect way to showcase the amazing product I first discovered in Paris. I stumbled upon it –  desperate – after running out of my then-favorite highlighting pen made by LORAC. Not only had I run out, but they discontinued the pen altogether! I needed a solution, fast, because dammit, my dark circles weren’t hiding themselves.

I tend to do my makeup quickly, and convenience is key. I loved the click bottom component of the LORAC pen, so I asked a girl in Sephora for a recommendation – maybe something with a click bottom too!

She directed me straight to the, éclat lumiére, highlighting face pen from Chanel. I use number 25 – light medium.



Chanel! Oui! When in France!

So of course I loved it, and it’s been a part of my makeup routine ever since. You could say we’re committed now.

I use it solely for my under eyes, but I imagine it would be perfect on the bridge of the nose or the top of the cheek bones as well. Bonus! It has a twist bottom! Close enough, right!


Next up, we have the le crayon khôl, intense eye pencil in noir. I was in need of a replacement eyeliner, and was already at the Chanel counter at Bloomingdales, so I thought, why not! I wore it today for the first time while getting ready for a casting, (then taking these pictures), and dayuuuumm, precision liner is an understatement. Bonus! You get a free Chanel pencil sharpener with the liner.


I’m a huge fan of this product!! It has a more natural feel than liquid liner, but goes on dark. And it only took me one try to do the small wing I always put at the corner of my eyes. So, that’s saying something. Ladies, you know!




If you get the chance to give these a try, let me know how they go! Hopefully you love them them as much as I do!

XOXO ~ Michelle ~