Put doooown the credit card! Chances are you have an online shopping window open on at least one of your devices right now. No shame. I understand. I’m just as guilty (hello, my name is Michelle and I spend way too much time on Amazon and Revolve). It is the digital-age after all, and making a purchase is just a click away, but we don’t always have to give into those nasty, little impulses! Sometimes, we need to search no further than our very own closets or dresser drawers.

| TIP #1 |

revamp some old pants

Yup, that’s right. Those pants I’m wearing are from love culture, and I bought them 3 years ago. They began their lives as non-distressed, regular black jeans that I purchased for no more than $40. I’ve worn, washed, and purposefully chopped those puppies into what they are now. Those holes definitely weren’t there when I bought them, but hole-in-the-knee black jeans got very big, and I couldn’t resist the trend. Given that I already had two pairs of black denim (dressy and casual), I saw no reason to purchase another, so I pulled out my scissors and got to cuttin’! Save that money for something else you reallllly want–maybe an adventure instead of an item! And if you plan on doing this yourself, make sure you actually cut over the knee. It would be a shame to end up with holes on your thighs or on your shins, and possibly a pair of pants you don’t want at all anymore.

I have a pair of blue jeans that still fit, but I don’t wear enough–I’ve probably had them 4 years–and I plan on turning them into cut offs for the summer! I’ll write a post about that when it gets warm enough (which seems soon! yay!).



| TIP #2 |

buy classic pieces

It is oh, so tempting to get sucked into every fashion trend. You’re looking at perfectly styled photos on Instagram and Pinterest thinking, “I can wear that!” and other times, “helllll no I can’t wear that!” But those outfits that do leave you drooling, wide-eyed, and full of adrenaline are the same outfits that cost a fortune and will very likely go out of style by next season. If you decide to splurge, be sure and spend your money on a classic piece. A staple item. Something that never goes out of style. In fact, I highly recommend spending extra dough on the pieces that make up a great capsule wardrobe. Like that belt I’m wearing. It’s from b-low the belt, and it’s got a great western vibe to it. I like that it’s not too wide, and it can be dressed up or dressed down. I wore it to a nursing symposium with some slacks a few weeks back, so it truly is versatile. 

I was lucky enough to buy that green, military-style jacket at–wait for it–Target! I’ve had it for over a year, and it just keeps getting better. It’s faded nicely with wear, and from washing it, which has only given it more character. I love the collar on this jacket, and the excessive pockets. Those pockets came in handy on the plane (while I was traveling to Paris) when I was shoving my gum, headphones, ear plugs, and eye mask into them for easy storage. 🙂


The top is from H&M, and I bought it over a year ago. Stripes never go out of style! And actually, they’re quite big this spring and summer.


Loafers. Super trendy at the moment, but they also qualify as a capsule item since you can wear them at the office. I did spend a bit more on these for that reason. They’re by Antonio Melani. I’d never heard of the brand, but the shoes are very comfy. They got me around the cobblestone streets of Paris, no problems! I love the fact that they have those tiny holes all over them, making them breathable. Nothin’ worse than sweaty feet. Amiright?



| TIP #3 |


Maybe you don’t need 283,493 new shirts that you totally thought you’d wear, but then you don’t (or you do, but only one time).  Maybe, what you really need is one or two awesome new accessories to go with some great outfits you already own! It could be time to try a statement necklace. Or how about layering multiple bracelets (I do that allllll the time). That way you can mix and match so accessorizing always feels fresh and thoughtful.

A new scarf could do the trick! A scarf can entirely change an outfit, and make it feel brand new. Silk scarves and bandanas are the must-have neck attire for the last few months, and they can adorn more than just your neck. You can tie one to the handle on your purse, put one in your hair, or wrap one around your wrist to make a bracelet. The possibilities are endless, and you won’t break the bank. J’adore!





So, next time you’re mindlessly shopping online, and that little guilt-o-meter starts going off in your head, PAUSE! Take a deep breath. And think about ways to get the most out of the things in your closet! Then take the money you would’ve spent (or half of it even), and put that money toward something extra special!

I hope these tips were useful! Please comment below with your tips on how you make the most of your wardrobe! I’d love to hear from you!

Have an amazing day!

XOXO ~Michelle~